Adding window dressing to your home or apartment very often becomes an afterthought for many. I have worked with numerous clients either during or after a renovation and the window treatments are usually the last thing that people have on their minds or is often put into the “if we have enough left in the budget” basket!

When we work with our clients we always consider all aspects of the space, unless it’s not required or our clients have specifically requested that it’s not needed. Window dressing for your home is a very important way of representing the overall aesthetic of the space. Some homes can have the same window treatment used throughout the entire home while others will have a variety of treatments, we determine what best suits your home by getting to know our clients, their lifestyle and how each room is utilised.

Below I have explained a few case studies with different window applications and given some examples where you will see why I have called window dressing ‘The finishing touch’, because a room without window dressing, is undressed room.


Drapes are quite ofte n used in older homes and homes with period features. Drapes allow you to add lots of details into the room design. The main detail is the fabric and the options here are endless. We usually visit our fabric suppliers together with our clients to view the vast range of fabrics available – printed, plain or textured are just some of the options. Aside for the main fabric the style of the drapes is another important detail as well as the hanging system, this can be concealed or exposed to add further detail to the room.

Shutters & Timber Venetian

Mention shutters and instantly you think Hamptons. Yes, this window treatment is very popular in this style of home, however we have used shutters in older period homes as well as contemporary styled homes. Shutters are a very versatile form of window treatment. They work well within the correct sized window frames and can be colour matched to blend back in with the window or become a contrasting feature. Shutters are very flexible option and suits many homes. In the case that your window frames or budget don’t allow for shutters we have used timber venetian blinds with the same slat size, to deliver a similar effect and style.

Roller Blinds

Blinds are most commonly used in contemporary and modern styled homes. They can be used as the main window treatment or can also accompany other treatments where further block out is required. Roller blinds are great for achieving full block out. They also can be made with an E-screen fabric which will give you a transparent look, often theses two types of blinds are used together providing great versatility. Blinds can sound boring to some; however, they can be accompanied by a top pelmet to conceal the top of the blinds and dress up the look in a wide range of fabrics.


Sheer curtains, S-Folds or S-Wave are just a great option for so many. This style of window dressing is usually used in newer homes with a contemporary style, however they will suit many home styles. They give an elegant sheer look and suit particularly large windows from wall to wall. Often the sheers are installed from the ceiling, this helps to accentuate the space and intern make the room appear larger. Sheers will give a lovely filtered light while also providing some privacy. If you want to have sheers and still require a complete block out we have often installed block out roller blinds that sit behind the sheers. Roller blinds can be colour matched to the sheer fabric.

S-Fold sheers installed in Alphington master suite

If your windows need dressing get in touch with us at DSdezines or give Denise a call for a chat on 0438 394 209 – we can help guide you with all aspects window treatments!

*All images are our own.

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