Bedrooms are our special place, they are where we go to rest, where we go to convalesce and where we end up every night to sleep. It’s not only important to make your bedroom look inviting, it should also be a space where you feel comfortable and look forward to retreating too, a place to call your sanctuary.

Our bedrooms not only need to be comfortable to sleep in they are also the first thing we see in the morning, so it needs to serve both purposes. A place for rest and place that inspires you as you awake.

Let’s work through the design process required to achieve theses aspects.

Here are my top tips to achieving this…


The beginning step when considering a theme, is its aesthetic. Deciding early on what look and feel you want in your room is paramount in achieving your sanctuary. Selecting a theme for your bedroom will make the process so much smoother as you work through my following points. The meaning sanctuary will differ greatly and can mean different things to different people. I have listed a few theme ideas:

  • Tropical
  • Resort
  • Contemporary
  • Hamptons
  • Boudoir
  • Classic

2. Furniture and Layout

Furniture placement within a room is crucial to any space. Firstly, your furniture selection and quantity of items need to be appropriate to the size of your room. Having oversized furniture in a small space will not work and neither will have undersized pieces in a larger space.

Furniture selection and room layout go hand in hand and both need to be well considered when sizing up your bedroom items. Once you have the correct sized furniture and layout to suit your room and theme, you can then begin to build on from this point.

3. Lighting

Glaring lights are not needed in a bedroom, the aim is to soften the room and create ambient lighting. Where you can use side table lamps or wall scones, these are not only a great way to help create your theme, they also give an ambient light. If you have down lights, add dimmers to control lighting and help soften the glare and if you have a central light point add a pendant to suit your theme and choose globes to give you the ambient feel. Softer lights create a relaxing mood and helps your mind prepare to rest and sleep.

4. Texture

Adding layers of texture can be achieved in several ways, creating a level of interest as well as comfort. The obvious piece, to begin with, is the most prominent piece in the room, the bed. Beds themselves can have multiple layers of textures beginning from the structural base, the headboard to the decorative finishing touches of throws and cushions. Keeping in mind the theme of your room as all of these elements will need to be considered when making your selections.

Adding texture to the bedhead is a great way to really tell your story and project the overall feel of the room. You can have an upholstered bedhead in an endless array of fabrics, print or plain choices or leather, a solid wood bedhead and frame to a rattan design, the options are literally endless.

Other ways of adding texture is through your window dressing, paint and wallpaper again endless options of styles, colours and textures are available in these areas too. You can really have some fun here!

5. Mood

Creating a mood is achieved through all of the above points we have already covered, as well as art and décor. These elements add the finishing touches, they also add colour, texture and help tell the story and theme of your room.

The amount of art and décor should be led by the style selected as well as the room size, not wanting to overcrowd a small room with too many pieces and in a larger space making sure the correct sized pieces are selected to maintain balance.

I hope this has inspired you to create your Bedroom Sanctuary.

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